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Matrix Hand Paddles

Model: 465265


Zoggs Matrix Hand Paddles are designed to improve your stroke technique as they force your hand to stay straight as you pull through the water. They are ergonomically contoured in design for optimum performance and feature a scooped front-end to catch the phase of your stroke with added holes to increase your feel of the water. As well as improving stroke performance, hand paddles can help to build strength in arms and shoulders.

The soft TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) outer edge allows for flexibility in the finger tips for added comfort. If you are considering training with hand paddles for the first time, you should always begin training with a smaller size (i.e. medium) regardless of the size of your hand until you become used to the added drag.


  • Aqua-dynamically designed to improve stroke mechanics

  • Scooped front-end initiates catch phase of stroke

  • Added holes for increased feel of water

  • Soft outer for added comfort

  • Adjustable tubing at base of hand and across fingers