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KAOS DEVO 2.0 White/Black

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KAOS DEVO 2.0 White/Black


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KAOS DEVO 2.0 White/Black 

Elevate your padel experience with the Wilson Kaos Devo 2.0 WRS329020, a versatile and stylish shoe tailored for adult male players of all skill levels. Offering a perfect blend of quality materials, composition technology, and a discreet yet elegant design, these shoes are crafted to adapt seamlessly to your foot and deliver optimal performance on any padel court.

Key Features:

  1. Reinforced and Padded Counter:

    • Enhances foot protection during all movements on the padel court.
    • Specially designed for durability and support.
  2. Mixed Sole Format for Padel Courts:

    • Versatile sole design suitable for various padel court surfaces.
    • Ensures reliable performance regardless of ground hardness.
  3. Very Elastic Upper with Sock Fit Design:

    • Offers a sock-like fit for improved contouring to the foot.
    • Ensures comfort without causing itching or chafing during play.
  4. Highly Breathable Model:

    • Features mesh and a thoughtful design for superior breathability.
    • Keeps your feet comfortable during intense padel matches.
  5. Rubber Element for Cushioning and Grip:

    • Cushions the impact of steps, providing additional comfort.
    • Enhances grip on the court, ensuring stability during dynamic movements.

Design and Colors:

  • Discreet and elegant aesthetics with a white upper and midsole, black sole, inner lining, and heel.
  • Touches of red add a subtle flair without compromising the overall stylized design.

Recommended Player Type:

  • Suitable for any adult male player, regardless of playing frequency.

WILSON Reference: WRS329020

The Kaos Devo 2.0 White/Black is not just a shoe; it's your companion on the padel court journey, offering comfort, durability, and a touch of elegance. Wilson's commitment to excellence ensures that every movement is supported, allowing you to focus on your game. Lace up, step onto the court, and let the Kaos Devo 2.0 redefine your padel experience.


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