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Product Name: Blade Feel RXT 105 Tennis Racket
Product Code: WR117610


Elevate your game and stand out on the court with the Blade Feel RXT 105 Tennis Racket. Designed to electrify your performance with its vibrant lime green color, this graphite racket is engineered to boost your confidence and enhance your gameplay.

Incredibly lightweight yet remarkably stable, the Blade Feel RXT 105 maximizes swing speed and arm comfort, allowing you to unleash powerful shots with ease while maintaining control and stability during intense rallies.

Drawing inspiration from the sharp design and feel-oriented attributes of the Blade Performance Series, this racket is tailored to meet the needs of players seeking a perfect balance of power, control, and comfort.

Featuring a headlight balance, the Blade Feel RXT 105 offers easier maneuverability when swinging through the ball, enabling you to execute precise shots with optimal control and accuracy.

Equipped with R-Beam Technology, the unique beam geometry of this racket enhances aerodynamic swings, ensuring smoother and more efficient strokes for improved performance on the court.

With its larger head size, the Blade Feel RXT 105 provides an expanded sweet spot, allowing for greater forgiveness and enhanced shot-making capabilities.

The innovative Double Hole Technology incorporated into the racket's design offers an enlarged point of impact, providing improved power and control on every shot. Additionally, the bumper extends the life of the racket, enhancing its durability and resilience.

For added comfort and grip, the Blade Feel RXT 105 features a Cushion Aire Perforated grip, which offers moisture-wicking properties to aid grip and prevent slipping, even during intense matches.

Constructed with a fused composition of plated fiberglass and aluminum, this racket offers an excellent blend of playability and control, allowing you to dominate the court with confidence and style.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant Lime Green Color: Electrifies your game and boosts confidence on the court.
  • Lightweight Design: Maximizes swing speed and arm comfort for powerful yet controlled shots.
  • Headlight Balance: Enables easier maneuverability and precise shot execution.
  • R-Beam Technology: Enhances aerodynamic swings for smoother and more efficient strokes.
  • Larger Head Size: Provides an expanded sweet spot for greater forgiveness and shot-making capabilities.
  • Double Hole Technology: Offers improved power and control with an enlarged point of impact.
  • Cushion Aire Perforated Grip: Provides extra comfort and moisture-wicking properties for enhanced grip.
  • Fused Composition: Offers an excellent blend of playability and control for dominating performances.

Experience the thrill of dominating the court with the Blade Feel RXT 105 Tennis Racket. With its exceptional features and vibrant design, this racket empowers you to take your game to the next level and leave your mark on every match.


Sizes U2 or U3

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