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Little Sonic Air Goggles

Model: 461418


Jump in and make waves with the Sonic Air Junior swimming goggle. Air filled gaskets made from high quality silicone provide a lightweight 'cushioned' seal so they won't have to worry about any water making its way in. The split yoke strap and slide adjustment provides a secure but comfortable fit that can be easily adjusted, making getting them pool-ready a breeze.

Excellent UV protection from the sun's harmful rays and Fogbuster anti-fog for a clear and enjoyable swim.


  • Fantastic in indoor conditions

  • Air filled gasket, made from high quality silicone, provides a cushioned seal that reduces marking around the eye

  • Split Yoke strap made from high quality silicone is strong, durable and comfortable

  • Slide adjust clip is simple and secure, making finding the perfect fit easy

  • Fogbuster anti-fog lenses for extra moisture control and clarity of vision

  • Maximum UV protection blocks 99-100% of sun's harmful UV rays