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Model: 425664

Mares' new EOS Beam is a sleek, compact yet powerful underwater light, designed specifically for spearfishing.

Working time of about 90 minutes, rechargeable via USB port in just 300 minutes.

It weighs only 188 grams and only 159 mm in length.

The EOS Beam features a visual battery indicator to tell you the remaining battery life and has an LED charge indicator, letting you know when the light is fully charged again.

Although this light is small, it boasts a very concentrated and narrow angle beam of light.

The Cree LED bulb emits 1053 lumens, making it the most powerful freediving light in the Mares line of equipment

Take this fantastic compact flashlight with a narrow and powerful beam anywhere in your underwater hunting sessions!


  • 1053 lumen cree LED

  • Powerful light beam

  • Very concentrated beam

  • Indicator light for battery charging

  • Easy to use switch

  • Handy and compact

  • LED charging indicator

  • Rechargeable battery from inside the housing

  • Charging cable usb

  • Adjustable wrist strap

  • Padded zippered case