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    🌟 Barbie Cutie Reveal Costume-themed Series Doll & Accessories With 10 Surprises, Puppy As Frog

    Product Code: HRK24

    🎁 Product Description: Embark on a whimsical journey with Barbie Cutie Reveal costume-themed dolls! 🐶✨ Unbox the magic with 10 surprises, featuring an adorable Puppy as a Frog. From a plush green costume to a posable Barbie doll with long, brown hair streaked with pink, the excitement unfolds. Dive into surprise bags for accessories like a skirt, boots, a frog purse, a comb, and a matching mini pet. Transform Barbie's look with a reversible fleece jacket and a costume head that doubles as a pet bed. Icy cold water brings color-change transformations on the doll's face and mini pet, ensuring repeat fun! 🌈 Collect them all in this charming Barbie Cutie Reveal series. Each doll sold separately, subject to availability. Dolls cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

    ℹ️ Information:

    1. Series Variety: Explore the entire Cutie Reveal series for a diverse collection of surprises. 🎨
    2. Age Range: Perfect for kids aged 3 to 7 years old. 👧👦
    3. Doll Stability: Designed for interactive play; dolls cannot stand alone. 🤸‍♀️
    4. Surprise Element: Colors and decorations may vary, enhancing the unboxing experience. 🎉

    🔑 Key Features:

    • 10 Surprises in 1: Plush friends, fashions, and transforming fun packed into a single package! 🎁
    • Adorable Puppy in Frog Costume: Lift the costume head to reveal a posable Barbie doll with twinkle-shine face details. 🐸💫
    • Fashionable Accessories: Unbox surprise bags with a skirt, boots, frog purse, comb, and a matching mini pet. 👠👛
    • Reversible Costume Top: Transform Barbie's style with a cozy fleece jacket by reversing the costume top. 🧥
    • Convertible Costume Head: The costume head cleverly turns into a bed for the mini pet friend. 🛏️
    • Magical Color-Change Fun: Use icy cold and warm water for mesmerizing transformations on Barbie's face and mini pet. ❄️🌟
    • Repeatable Play: Enjoy endless entertainment with repeatable water-based transformations. 🔁
    • Great Gift for Ages 3-7: Barbie Cutie Reveal dolls make a perfect surprise-filled gift for young ones! 🎁

    🛍️ Buy Now and let the magic of Barbie Cutie Reveal brighten your child's day! 🌟

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