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    🌟 Enchantimals Glam Party 🎉
    Product Code: HNV28

    General Information: Step into the world of enchanting fashion with the Enchantimals Long Hair dolls. Join these sweet girls and their beloved animals as they take center stage at the biggest fashion celebration of the season - the Glam Party! These 15 cm tall dolls are ready to wow everyone with their super long, thick hair and a variety of hair styling accessories, including extensions, clips, and a brush. Each doll comes with its own unique animal companion, creating a magical bond that is evident in their matching looks. With animal-themed details and removable skirts, these dolls are a must-have for any collector. Collect them all to complete the Glam Party runway and witness the enchanting beauty of the Enchantimals!

    👭 Meet the Enchantimals:

    • Zebra Doll: A hit with everyone, featuring impressive shiny long hair. Comes with her pet and 5 hair accessories for glamorous styling.

    • Giraffe Doll: The pinnacle of style, boasting super long hair and arriving with her pet and 5 hair accessories for a stunning look.

    • Cheetah Doll: The soul of the Glam Party with super long curls. Comes with her pet and 5 hair accessories for a show-stopping appearance.

    🎁 Key Features:

    • Glamorous Fashion: Enchantimals with longer hair than ever, ready to shine on the Glam Party runway.

    • Stylish Accessories: Each doll includes 5 hair accessories, an extension, 3 clips, and a brush for creative and fashionable styling.

    • Animal Companions: Dolls are accompanied by their adorable pets, showcasing the special bond between Enchantimals and animals.

    • Collect Them All: With removable skirts and matching looks, these dolls make an ideal gift for children aged 4 and up who love fashion and imaginative play.

    🌈 Bring the magic of the Glam Party to life with the Enchantimals Long Hair dolls - a perfect blend of fashion and friendship! 🌟👗🦓🦒🐆

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