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    🚗 Matchbox Action Drivers Playset - HJT89 🌟

    Product Code: HJT89

    🌈 Explore Realistic Adventures with Matchbox Action Drivers Playsets! 🚦

    Product Information:

    • The Matchbox Action Drivers Playset, identified by the product code HJT89, introduces a world of realistic adventures featuring recognizable locations and amazing details that enhance the play experience.
    • These playsets are designed to spark the imagination of kids, incorporating realistic parts that are both loved and recognized, making playtime even more enjoyable.

    Available Playsets:

    1. Matchbox Bus Station:

      • Includes a 1:64 scale Matchbox bus.
      • When the bus is pulled into the station, it activates a figure at the bus stop and sets it in motion.
      • Features an EV station for recharging the bus.
    2. Pizza Hut Matchbox:

      • Comes with a Matchbox vehicle (Volkswagen Golf).
      • Driving up to the Pizza Hut store triggers the doors to open, and the clerk walks forward holding a pizza.
    3. Matchbox FedEx Set:

      • Features a 1:64 scale FedEx truck.
      • Driving the truck activates the set's functions, including an employee preparing packages and greeting the FedEx truck at the loading dock.

    Key Features:

    1. Realistic Locations:

      • Matchbox sets depict recognizable locations, adding a dose of realism to creative adventures.
    2. Interactive Functions:

      • Each playset offers interactive functions triggered by the Matchbox vehicles, making playtime dynamic and engaging.
    3. Connectable Sets:

      • Connect these sets with other Matchbox and Hot Wheels sets to create a network of interconnected worlds, allowing for more fun stories and adventures.
    4. Encouraging Exploration:

      • Matchbox Action Drivers playsets encourage children to explore on their own, fostering independence and improving problem-solving skills.
    5. Complete with Vehicles:

      • Each set comes with 1 Matchbox vehicle, ensuring that kids have everything they need to embark on exciting adventures.

    🚗 Drive into Realistic Adventures with Matchbox Action Drivers Playsets! 🌟🛣️

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