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Model: 411792

Trygon Combo is the snorkeling solution which combines the Trygon mask with the semi-dry top Breezer snorkel. This combination is perfect for long snorkeling sessions and for all kinds of athletes.

The Tryagon mask has a soft silicone face piece for maximum comfort on the face. It features a durable technology that makes it long lasting. The adjustment buckles are attached to the frame and are easy to use. This snorkel mask allows for a wide range of vision.

The Breezer snorkel is a snorkel with a semi-dry top and anti-splash technology, which prevents water from leaking inside. The snorkel holder is sliding and practical to use.
The structure is ergonomic, with corrugated tube and silicone mouthpiece. The lower discharge valve allows the snorkel to be emptied easily.

The reasons to choose the Tryagon, mask and snorkel Combination are:

- Tryagon mask ergonomic, durable, easy to wear

- Snorkel Breezer with silicone mouthpiece, drain valve, easy to use