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Product Information: FINS MANTA

Product Code: MA410333


The Manta snorkel fins are designed for comfort and performance, making them perfect for underwater adventures. These fins feature an ultra-comfortable closed foot pocket and a blade engineered for a smooth, light, yet powerful kick. The design includes rubber-covered side ribs to optimize energy and a two-channel system for enhanced propulsion.


  • Ultra-Comfortable Closed Foot Pocket: Designed for all foot types, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.
  • Super Efficient Blade: Optimizes movement with technology designed for a smooth and effective kick.
  • Rubber-Covered Side Ribs: Help to prevent energy wastage by directing the movement.
  • Two-Channel Design: Enhances propulsion, making each kick powerful and energetic without causing fatigue.
  • High-Quality Materials: Ensures durability and longevity of the fins.

Available Colors

  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • White

Usage Instructions

  1. Wearing the Fins:

    • Wear fins only when in the water or immediately before diving from a boat.
    • Do not walk while wearing fins to avoid tripping. If necessary, walk backward.
    • Wet your feet and fins to facilitate wearing.
    • Flip the heel of the foot pocket upside down, insert your foot, and then return the heel to its original position.
  2. In the Water:

    • The fins help with movement both on the surface and underwater.
    • Ensure proper fitting for optimal performance.

Care and Maintenance

  • Follow the instructions and advice provided in the package insert for proper care and maintenance of the fins.


  • Channel Thrust AQZ: Soft longitudinal inserts allow controlled deformation of the blade while finning. This channel shape displaces more water, creating a higher thrust with the same effort.


The Manta snorkel fins (Product Code: MA410333) offer a blend of comfort and high performance, making them ideal for underwater enthusiasts. The ultra-comfortable closed foot pocket fits all foot types, while the super-efficient blade design ensures powerful yet smooth kicks. The rubber-covered side ribs and two-channel technology optimize energy use and enhance propulsion. Available in three colors, these durable fins are perfect for both casual and avid snorkelers looking for quality and performance.


Colours RBL or RYL
Sizes 036 or 038 or 040 or 042 or 044 or 046

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