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✈️🚀 LEGO® CITY - STUNT PLANE (60323) - High-Flying Aerobatics with 59 Pieces!

Soar through the skies of your LEGO CITY with the LEGO CITY - STUNT PLANE set (60323). This compact and thrilling kit, featuring 59 pieces, allows you to construct a stunt plane ready to perform jaw-dropping aerobatic maneuvers and entertain the citizens below.

🌟 Key Features:

  1. High-Flying Aerobatics: Dive into the world of daredevil stunts with this exciting LEGO set. The Stunt Plane is perfect for enthusiasts who love the idea of acrobatic displays in their LEGO CITY.

  2. 59-Piece Challenge: With 59 pieces, this set offers a quick and enjoyable building experience. It's an ideal choice for young builders or those seeking a small yet action-packed construction project.

  3. Realistic Design: The set includes a stunt plane with functional propeller, vibrant decals, and a pilot mini-figure. Elevate the excitement of your LEGO CITY's aerial performances.

  4. Mini-Figure Included: The set comes with a skilled pilot mini-figure, adding life and character to your airborne stunts.

  5. Versatile Play: The Stunt Plane is designed for dynamic play! Perform loops, rolls, and other thrilling maneuvers in your imaginative scenarios.

  6. Educational and Imaginative: Encourage imaginative play and learn about aerodynamics and stunt flying as builders create their own airborne adventures.

  7. Compact Dimensions: Once assembled, the stunt plane is compact and easy to handle, making it an ideal addition to any LEGO CITY skyline.

  8. Premium-Quality LEGO: All LEGO components meet strict industry standards, ensuring consistency, compatibility, and a positive building experience.

✈️🌅 Order LEGO® CITY - STUNT PLANE (60323) and Take Flight in Your LEGO CITY!

Perform incredible stunts in the sky with LEGO. Click 'Add to Cart' now and let the Stunt Plane become a thrilling attraction in your high-flying LEGO CITY! 🌟🛩️



Age Range 5-7 Years or 8+ Years
Brand Themes Lego City

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