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Model: BK256GBB


Improves coordination, agility, speed, footwork and endurance.

Two-tone non-slip handle of 15cm.

Removable weight of the handle of 100g x 2pcs

Benefits of jumping rope:
1. It will help you to be more veiled.
Working your legs with a jump rope session will improve your cadence and stride.
2. You will burn calories.
Approximately per 30-minute session, you can burn up to 300 calories. Obviously waiting for you to do a continuous exercise.
3. Tone your body.
It is a very effective exercise, since in addition to working your whole body, you can strengthen it. Not for nothing do fighters do it all the time.
4. Help with your concentration.
Jumping rope, even for experienced runners, is not easy, so it will allow you to have a demanding level of concentration, while you begin to master it.
5. It gives you muscular resistance.
Being a continuous exercise, your resistance will improve considerably, while you gain strength.
6. Improve your aerobic conditioning.
At the beginning it will be difficult to hold the jump, but you will see how little by little your breathing improves and you will endure more time, and you will even get to do it faster.
7. Increase your power.
By working your legs, you will improve your stride, and with it, your power and speed.
8. It is a super practical exercise.
A rope is easy to carry with you. You can keep one in your purse to go to work, and give some jumps when you have a free space.
9. It allows you to work your entire body in one exercise.
Legs, torso, shoulders, arms, abdomen, are the parts of the body that you can exercise.
10. It's fun.
By working your body, you will have fun.