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Model: 420419

The X-Wing fins have a tapered blade made of high quality elastomer, which facilitates agility and offers excellent performance. Variable thickness for greater maneuverability without sacrificing length and strength of the fin blade. Performance designed for perfect power transmission from foot to blade.


  • The tapered blade in high quality elastomer allows for excellent agility and performance

  • The foot pocket is built for maximum performance, and delivers perfect power transmission from foot to blade

  • V-shaped tip to allow a more stable kick and prevent lateral water sliding

  • The blade has a width of 19.0 cm and a length of 71.3 cm

  • 30° angle of the blade from the foot pocket

  • The Blade is 30% softer than the Razor Pro model

  • Interchangeable blade

  • Designed to be worn also without socks

Color: Blue

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