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Cool-X Magnesium Spray

Model: CX48


Cool-X Magnesium Spray  is a natural, pure and highly absorbent magnesium preparation that is sprayed directly onto the skin. Magnesium is first absorbed into the local area to be treated, affecting the entire body. Sufficient magnesium intake promotes muscle activity, prevents muscle cramps and accelerates recovery from fatigue.

The spray is also great for use during sports performances.

Cool-X Magnesium Spray is a saturated magnesium chloride solution made of 100% natural magnesium.

The spray feels oily because of its high degree of saturation.

Package sizes: The bottle contains sufficient product for 800

Sprays Ingredients: Aqua, Magnesium chloride (31%)


How to use:

Spray Cool-X Magnesium Spray onto the area to be treated 2 times a day- 5 to 10 sprays each time. Rub until the liquid is absorbed.

Increase the dosage gradually to a total of 20 sprays per day.  First test the product on a small area. On sensitive skin, the product may cause a stinging sensation. If this happens, the spray can be diluted with water. The stinging will gradually decrease when the body’s magnesium balance is normalized. Avoid contact with eyes, broken skin or mucous membranes.

The spray nozzle may sometimes become clogged up with mineral substances.  If this happens, rinse the nozzle under warm water.  If necessary remove the nozzle and spray water through it until the nozzle is clear.

Also try Cool-X Magnesium Spray:

  • To relieve and prevent cramp

  • During a sports performance, to prevent lactic acid

  • To assist muscle recovery from stress   

  • To alleviate lactic acid   

  • To calm down tics   

  • For repetitive strain injuries   

  • For golf and tennis elbow